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July 7, 2022 AD

Terms of the promotion “Get a PRO license “Test” for free”

Terms of the promotion “Get a PRO license “Test” for free”

Participation in the promotion gives users the opportunity to get free access to the PRO license “Test”, for a period of 30 days, subject to the mandatory fulfillment of all conditions.

The promotion is organized by X-systems & services PC, which is the provider of xSignals trading signals for users who wish to get a PRO license for the xSignals software.

The promotion period is from 07/01/2022 to 07/31/2022.

xSignals cares about its users and that's why recommends buying only licensed software. By purchasing licenses for xSignals from third parties, users risk harming their computers due to hacked software.

The promotion "Get a PRO license "Test" for free" is informational and does not call for  users to trade on the stock exchange or invest. Participants independently decide on participation in the promotion. By participating, the user confirms that he is familiar with all the conditions and understands the risks associated with deals in the financial market.

Basic definitions:

A promotion is a set of actions directed at promoting a product or service that affects the target audience.

A post is a publication in some service (social network, forum, blog, website, YouTube video hosting, etc.) that is available to all or some users of this service.

Promotion Conditions List:

1. Participants of the promotion must write a post about xSignals on their public page (page on a social network, forum, blog, website, YouTube channel or chat) with an image of the xSignals application or website;

2. Participants must also add a link to the website in the post;

3. Add the hashtag #xsignals to the post;

4. Send a link to the published post to xSignals support [email protected] or official xSignals social media accounts.

The Promotion "Get PRO License "Test" Free" does not apply to other xSignals PRO licenses and don't cooperate with other promotions.

Post example:

Options available in the PRO license “Test”:

  • unlimited forex signals;
  • unlimited crypto signals;
  • “smart” Stop Loss and Take Profit orders;
  • signal power and heatmaps;
  • the ability to work with any broker and any cryptocurrency exchange in one window with signals;
  • technical indicators on the dashboard panel.