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April 20, 2022 AD

How to set up integration with the SimpleFX broker?

How to set up integration with the SimpleFX broker?

Watch the video instruction on how to set up integration with the SimpleFX broker:

The xSignals app has a multifunctional signal structure that allows you to place stop orders directly from the signals trading panel. To do this, the user must previously configure the integration with the broker.

Let's consider how to set up integration with a broker using the example of the Forex broker SimpleFX. Read the step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1. Create an account on the SimpleFX broker

Step 2. Go to the Settings and choose API

Step 4. Click Create API Key

Step 5. Write your name, choose all trade permissions and click Create

Step 6. Сopy and save your Secret API key and click Continue

Step 7. Check email to confirm the API key

Step 8. Verify API key

Step 9. Go to the Settings, choose API

Step 10. Copy and save the confirmed ID key

Step 11. Open xSignals app

Step 12. Go to the Settings to the Integration tab

Step 13. Choose SimpleFX broker, enter Client ID and Client Secret. Click Connect

Step 14. Select Account and orders position size

Broker integration completed. Now you can use automated trading.

If you have any difficulties, write to our technical support  - [email protected], and our specialists will answer your questions as soon as possible.