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June 15, 2022

Terms of the marketing program “Discount for the post”

Terms of the marketing program “Discount for the post”

Marketing program - "Discount for the post" program organized by X-systems & services PC.

A promo code is a unique code consisting of letters, numbers, and symbols that give the user a special discount when purchasing a PRO License.

A post is a publication in any service (social network, forum, blog, website, YouTube streaming service, etc.), which is available to all or some users of this service.

X-systems & services PC recommends buying only licensed software in general and xSignals in particular. By purchasing licenses for xSignals from third parties, users risk not only losing money but also harming their computers through hacked software.

Buy xSignals PRO license only on the official website in the store to avoid these problems.

For its users, the xSignals team launched the marketing program "Discount for the post". Participation in the program allows the user to receive a promotional code for a discount of up to 20% on all xSignals PRO licenses. In order to receive a promotional code, you need to fulfill the simple conditions described below.

Participation in the program "Discount for the post" is not a call to invest and trade. Participants make their own decisions about participation in the marketing program. The participant of the program confirms that he is familiar with the terms and conditions of the marketing program and understands the risks associated with trading in the financial market.

Terms of the marketing program "Discount for the post":

1. You need to write on your public page (social media page, forum, blog, website, YouTube channel or chat) a post about xSignals with an image of the xSignals application or website;

2. It is also necessary to add a link to the site to the post;

3. The last condition is to add the hashtag #xsignals to the post;

4. Send a link to the published post to our support team [email protected] or to our social networks.

Discounts for this marketing program are not cumulative. The period of the marketing program “Discount for the post” is from 06.14.2022 to 06.30.2022

Post example:

The discount under the “Discount for the post” program will be:

PRO account “Basic” - 15%

PRO account “Premium” - 15%

PRO account “Ultimate” - 20%

Prices for PRO licenses including discounts:

PRO account “Basic” - $84.15 instead of $99

PRO account “Premium” - $169.15 instead of $199

PRO account “Ultimate” - $239.2 instead of $299