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April 25, 2022

How to place automatic orders in the xSignals app?

How to place automatic orders in the xSignals app?

Watch the video instruction on How to place automatic orders in the xSignals app:

After you set up integration with a forex broker or cryptocurrency exchange, you can place automatic Stop Loss and Take Profit orders.

To use automated trading, follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1: Open the xSignals App

Step 2. Open a forex broker's trading platform

Step 3. Choose the currency pair you want to trade

Step 4. Choose a signal for the currency pair you want to trade

Step 5. Analyze indicator data on the Dashboard

Step 6. Open the signal trading panel

Step 7. Analyze the TP/SL values according to your trading strategy and choose a profit factor value.

TP/SL ratio

The ATR(14) indicator is used to calculate trading strategies. For example, the indicator 8/5 means for the BUY signal that the Take Profit level will be set 8 steps up, and the Stop Loss level 5 steps down. A profit factor of 1.6 means that the analysis of signals for this strategy in the past showed more profit than losses. The trading system is profitable if the profit ratio is above 1.0.

When choosing the parameters of stop orders, a trader focuses on the indicators of the profit factor and on his trading strategy.

The data on the signal trading panel is statistical data analyzed by the Volatility indicator and calculated based on the ATR indicator (14) in accordance with the history of profitability or loss of signals in the past under similar market conditions.

Stop order parameters are not a guide to action, they are data, after analyzing which a trader makes a decision on a deal, depending on his trading strategy.

Step 8. Choose a lot size. You can change the lot sizes in the Settings in the Integration tab.

Step 9. Use Quick Buttons to Place Stop Orders

Step 10. Open an online chart of a trading asset. All your active deals will be displayed here.

Step 11. You can open several automatic orders at the same time and follow the progress of the deal in the Positions tab.

The Open Orders tab shows all active Stop Loss and Take Profit levels

Step 12. You can close the position by hand at any time

Step 13. You can view the history of your deals in the Order History tab

If you have any difficulties, write to our technical support  - [email protected] and our specialists will answer your questions as soon as possible.