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April 7, 2022

How to install xSignals on Windows

How to install xSignals on Windows

Step 1: Download

Go to the  Download tab and select Download Windows

Choose to download files for your version of Windows. You can check your system version by clicking “This PC” > “Properties”.

Step 2: Installation

After the downloading is complete, click on the archive and extract it on your PC, then start the installation by clicking the file.

The app will be automatically installed on your PC.

If a Windows SmartScreen * warning window appears blocking the installation of the application on your PC, click More info and allow the installation by clicking the “Run anyway” button

*Microsoft Windows operating systems include a security feature called Windows SmartScreen that is enabled by default. SmartScreen is a background service that monitors the execution of applications and the opening of sites in the system in order to block the execution of an application or the loading of sites from sources unfamiliar to the system

If you cannot install the application, please email us at [email protected] or open signals in the browser window.

You can buy an xSignals PRO license only on the official website and official applications. Unlicensed keys are blocked by our system automatically and without return. Protect yourself from risks and do not buy keys on third-party sites and from scammers. Detailed terms of purchase are described in our service agreement